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Update on current oil products

On the latest preview on dish network BBC word economic news update on current oil products market industry particularly energy solutions to crisis discussed that  Since the year 2012 has already ended, oil analysts had projected for 2013. Several notable analysts see cheaper oil crude oil price ranges in some parts of the world including in North America this year, which is great news for the global financial outlook.

Deutsche Bank expert Paul Sankey forecasts West Texas Intermediate that the U.S. benchmark, will bring around $70 for every barrel by the end of this year. That measures up with about $88 for each barrel now as well as the scary $140 for each barrel levels during the summer of 2008.

Increasing US Oil Generation

The shale oil trend is radically changing the American power picture. The U.S. Energy Info Administration is expecting that the total oil production will reach to average of 6.3 million barrels each day (bbl/d) in 2012 after the final numbers have been tallied. The EIA also is forecasting oil production to reach at 6.8 million bbl/d this year, the highest production level since the year 1993. That can help keep pump gases prices in an average of $3.44 for each gallon, against the $3.64 EIA’s projectsion in in 2012 .

Fuel Efficiency

Harder auto fuel effectiveness standards which capable of having the best fuel injector cleaner capacity are causing dent or dimple on US requirement. Under U.S. laws, automakers will have to produce automobiles which get about 29 mpg, with steady increases reaching 35.5 mpg in the year 2016. Another expert points out the average brand new car sold these days is 25% more fuel-efficient than the older car it is replacing therefore, it is an important factor to consider the car fuel to be used

Global Demand

The European economies are having difficulties and the area will be fortunate to prevent a region-wide economic downturn because of the debt crisis. China, being the second biggest energy consumer after the U.S., is also anticipating slower-than-normal gdp increase in 2013.

Canadian Oil Sands

Apart from the big progress in horizontal drilling industry and technology that include hydraulic fracturing utilized to get shale gas and oil, the transformation of oil and into crude can also be improved in the North American nations and its energy outlook. Some oil experts noted the fact that output of oil sands in Canada has tripled since the year 2000 and it is now higher than Libya?s output prior to its civil war that happened in February 2011.

Brazilian Oil Growth

Big offshore oil discovers last year have significantly improved the perspective for the country?s oil industry. Confirmed and possible reserves have leaped amazingly from only about 20 billion barrels to almost 50 billion, in accordance with the Economist, comparable to the North Sea.

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